2. Marco Basta, Giardino, 2010–11. Felt-tip pen on felt; 300 × 346 cm. Installation view: ‘Blue Thursday' at Gasconade, Milan (22 June – 21 July 2012). Photo: Alessandro Zambianchi.

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    Mustafa Sofu


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  6. Frida Kahlo (1907-1954, Coyoacán, Mexico) - What The Water Gave Me, 1938

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  7. ”i paint myself because i am so often alone”

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    "The goal is not to turn kids into your kind of adult, but rather, better adults than you have been. Progress happens because new generations grow and develop and become better than the previous ones.”

    From Adora Svitak’s talkWhat adults can learn from kids.” In her talk, Adora makes a case for why adults shouldn’t underestimate kids. And they shouldn’t. Kids are doing amazing things. Let’s just take a second to think about how Adora organized her first TEDxYouth event when she was just 12.

    This weekend, young people around the world are attending, organizing, speaking at, and watching TEDxYouthDay events — TEDx events dedicated to the ingenuity of kids worldwide. Every year we’re taken aback by the amazing things that come out of these events, and we think you should be, too. Find a TEDxYouthDay event near you to attend or watch live online here.

    this is so effing important and i’m super impressed after read her transcript


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    How To Work Better (1991), by Peter Fischli und David Weiss